What to put in a personal statement

Personal statements are one of the most important and deciding factors that give you a good chance to enter University or receive a scholarship, especially when the course is competitive and you differ from another applicants. The following article will help you to write your personal statement that will let you to get to your dream one step closer.

First of all, you should set the topic you are writing about in your personal statement. The most successful statement appears to be when you are writing what you really want to write about, but not what colleges want to hear.

The most important thing is that if you do like your topic you are writing about, than you will show the passion in your statement and your statement will be easier to write.

After the topic is chosen, you should know how to structure your statement properly. You should know that personal statement is not usual essay, and the structure is different. First of all you should start with subjects and your reasons to do it, you may continue talking about your experience that you had that is relevant with the course. You should remember that you should stick to the subject , keep it simple and to the point. Most of the part of your statement should take talking about the course and why do you want to take it, your passion to it. Less part should take talk about you experience that is relevant to your course. And the least part should take another your inspiration to the career and future plans.

When writing personal statement first thing you must think of is what to include in it. Well, you should definitely start from introduction, in which you can write about why you have chosen that course and ready to study it for the next few years deeply and what has inspired you for it. In the next paragraph you should talk about your working experience or anything you have done relevant with the current course. Also you should mention about your skills and qualities that you have relevant with the course, you may give some examples from your life and tell how it might  help you in the current course. In the next paragraph there usually should be indicated some another activities that you have done with your life, what are you plans for the future and what does it  mean for  to you to enter University. And finally you need to write a conclusion in which you sum everything up and give your opinion on why University would give you an offer.

In the end , useful tips that will make your statement better.

  • First opinion is the most important one. Regardless what subject you have chosen, you need to get your reader interested from the first sentences and that could be a key to your success.
  • You should write your personal statement in interesting, informative and useful way.
  • Take your time in oder to write an essay, as it is one of the most responsible papers in your life and you do not want to miss anything important.
  • Make sure your statement is personal but not generall, which believe me is really seen good by comittee.

In the end, just be honest and clear when writing personal statement, as it seems very obvious when your writings are copied or are too good to be the true.


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