How to end a personal statement

When you are applying for University or competitive scholarship you want to present yourself as a person who deserves that place and can cope with all difficulties. The purpose of personal statement is all the same – to make the committee to get interested in you, however to do so you need to write unique statement that can impress them. There is no exact model for personal statement, as it is personal and the more it is unique, the better it is.

Even the best personal statements are not perfect, that means that if you are writing the truth it is much better when you just describe everything perfectly and try to create ideal picture.

While you are writing your personal statement the things you should first of all concentrate on are why did you choose the current course, you should really convince the committee that the current course is your passion and that is what you really want to do in the future. Another thing you should think of is why exactly that course got you interested in and why do you want to do you want it to be related with the future work. Also you should think of the aspects of your present activities or studies that are related with the course. You need to concentrate on why you think you might appear to be a good student and what you need to be that, as if the competition is quite strong, what else you should indicate in order to impress and reassure the committee. The good point would be also to describe the details of the jobs, volunteer experience and course related hobbies and activities to show that you are well-rounded person who is serious about the intentions. Another great point will be if you give some example of your hobbies, that will make you more interesting person. You should think of not only some achievements that you have gained, but also your gaps that you would like to improve and readiness for it, in order the whole picture not to look so fake and unrealistic as we all are not perfect and believe me, the committee would be glad to see your honesty.

In the end, the not less important part should be the closing one, in which you should give the whole picture of your experience, skills, knowledge, and give the sentence that you are well-rounded person, who is sure in the possibilities and great future that is waiting. Check the grammar and pronunciation of your personal statement as it may represent you and your personality and you do not want it to seem not right. You should reassure that you are really the one who is ready. And remember that Universities are waiting for the person who is really interested in the course and who is willing to study it, however you also should remember that everything should be relevant.


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