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Author:  Angela Lane  is professional consultant and helps to solve some questions about personal statement, gives advice on how to write a good personal statement and also can help with personal statement . Angela also is about to finish her first book about secrets on how to write a statement better.

Almost everybody are going through the stage of applying to university, competitive scholarships or graduate school and everybody wants to show their best and present themselves in the best way possible. Personal statement reflects your personality and intelligence and shows what you are capable of. The main purpose of personal statement is to show that you are the perfect person to study on the course and receive a scholarship.

What to write in the personal statement? To start with, you should show your motivation, your desire to study exactly in this course and enthusiasm that you have for it. You should provide the evidences that you definitely know what this course is all about, that you have examined and you can do it, also why you want to do it. Another good point is that you may write that you have some experience in the course, for example some volunteering or summer school. You also can talk about your skills in current course, and how is it relevant with your future chosen career.

When talking about university, it means talking about intelligence, and intelligence requires thinking, that is why the good to show that you are critical thinker in the way of making a point that one of your subjects made you think critically. You can also show your opinion during the interview and stick to it, but remember, you need to get to friendly consensus with the interviewers, in this way you will be interesting communicator.

What to include while writing a personal statement? First of all you should write about your life, some unique stories that would be interesting to read or just some details of your life ( family,people that have influenced your life). You should indicate when exactly you have become interested in that field of proficiency and if you have asked yourself a question why I want to become that person and what was the answer. Also you may indicate how did you get to this field and what exactly and which people have led you to it. Not less important thing is to tell about your career goals, what are your plans for the future and if it that field of proficiency is related with your career. A good point to indicate also is to show your little gaps and show how you want to fill it in and that you know the solution for it. That will make admission committee think that you know your gaps and ready to work on it, also it will show that you are not lying and and not trying to make things seem better than it is. Not only your negative sides you should indicate, but your best skills as well. Show what leadership, communicative, analytical skills you have, something that could be could be interesting. In the end, you should provide admissions committee with the compelling reasons that you are the person to take and make them be interested in you.

What should not be done in order not to fail your personal statement?

  • Take your time in writing your personal statement, you do not want to do it in a rush, as you will not consider all the aspects properly.
  • Do not use quotes of other’s, as the committee wants to hear personal opinion, personal story, focus on what you would like to say.
  • You do not need stick to completely formal style, however semi-formal would be good. The jokes would not be all the time proper, as not all the people have the same sense of humor and you do not want to fail your chance of entering the university because of that mistake.
  • Do not plagiarize your personal statement from others, as that could be the worst mistake for you and you are missing your chance to be unique and impress the committee.

To sum it up, just be yourself, write what you feel and what you want somebody else to figure out about you. That will make it easier and clear and then you will have great chance to be one of best. Good luck!


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